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    Penn Masala

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    Musically vibrant, Penn Masala,  world's first and premier South Asian a capella group performed live in the Middle East for the very first time! The group brought their all-vocal, non-instrumental show to Dubai for the first time on Aug 20, 2016 and later again in 2017.

    The Improvisers

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    The Improvisers  - featuring Abish Mathew, Kenny Sebastian and Kaneez Surka -  took audience suggestions and turned them into an explosive comedy show incorporating music, theatre and comedy. The audience saw this form of comedy for the first time by an Indian group.

    Laughathon: Kanan Gill

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    We still can’t decide if he is more charming or funny. Kanan did his solo stand up show in Dubai for the first time on Feb 17, 2017! In this hilarious one hour special, the veteran comic and aftershave enthusiast guided us through the silliness of life with his "All Correct Opinions".

    Laughathon: Kenny Sebastian

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    Turning 25 for most people is eventful. For Kenny Sebastian, it feels like a train flying off its tracks. In this special, he explained why he ironically seems more confused about people, life and the future as he grows older - all woven into an hour of stand up sprinkled with music.

    Laughathon: Biswa K Rath

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    Biswa Kalyan Rath performed his solo special set in a super exclusive show where gave insight into his mind filled with ironic observations on what makes up the average Indian lifestyle. In the Laughathon series, his show was arguably the best rated by the audience.

    Laughathon Finale

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    Zakir Khan, the quintessential launda :read: your friendly neighborhood guy, college senior, 4am friend and  experienced colleague – shared his comic perspective on love, relationships and surviving as the small fish in a big pond.

    Abish Mathew, the host of live comedy talk show ‘Son of Abish’ and one of the most affable comedians in the country, had his performance littered with funny and original songs, silently-enacted one-man sketches, improv & stand-up.

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    Quick look

    Here is a glimpse of our humble work during the Penn Masala's Resonance Tour Project, when we we got a chance to bring them to Dubai. This was aired on multiple media outlets including but not limited to:

    - Novo Cinemas' theatres,

    - U.A.E.'s #1 Bollywood radio station City 101.6,

    - Display screens of 500+ U.A.E. Exchange branches including the mall and metro locations,

    - Websites/social media outlets of our event partners and venue foyer screens